Trent Athletics & Recreation provides opportunities for Trent students and the community at large to become involved in a wide range of recreational, sport and leadership activities, at all levels, with the objective of encouraging and developing a healthy lifestyle. We embrace the values of Trent University and are committed to mutual respect, honesty, fair play, safety, fun, and continuous improvement.

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Together, we are 1Excalibur 

Trent Excalibur – Compete as One. Cheer as One. Win as One. – Together we are One Excalibur! 

Excalibur student-athletes have competed in varsity competitions for more than 45 years. We invite you to explore and become a part of Trent University’s rich and storied athletics history, and the developments underway to take us, and you, to the next level. By contributing to the Excalibur, you are a part of something bigger than yourself — you belong to the One Excalibur family that values hard work and a team mentality, and who all proudly wear the green and white! 
By contributing to our high-performance varsity programs, you are directly enhancing the quality of our teams and the quality of experience for our student-athletes. Funds contributed to Trent Excalibur teams will support activities like specialty training camps, sport psychology, sport nutrition sessions, pre-season travel to exhibition games and other non-funded initiatives thought necessary by team coaches and approved by the Athletics Department. 

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Rowing Excellence on the Otonabee River

Trent's varsity rowing teams are recognized as some of the most prized and respected programs in the nation, consistently ranking among the top Canadian universities in competition each year. 

Trent’s rowing community shares a passion for rowing and a relentless pursuit of excellence. The strong team atmosphere breeds the need to attain higher achievements in all aspects of life, which is reflected through the work ethic, social cohesion, academic achievement, and sense of service to one’s community displayed by all Trent rowers. 

By creating a strong tradition of giving back to the Trent rowing community, rowing alumni will maintain a connection with their beloved club and enable future generations of Trent students to find their home with Trent rowing. 

The Trent Rowing Endowment will support the continued growth and development of athletes, ensuring that Trent remains the spot for high-level rowing.

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Paul Wilson with an athletics student

Honouring the Man who shaped Trent University Athletics

PSB Wilson had a momentous impact on Trent University during his 36-year tenure as Athletics Director.

As the longest serving athletics director at any university at the time of his retirement, Mr. Wilson established varsity soccer, hockey, basketball, football, rugby and the squash program. Two years after he took his position as athletics director, 67 percent of students were participating in athletics.  

Not only has PSB left a lasting legacy at Trent, but he has also made great contributions to University athletics across the province and to the Peterborough community where he served on City Council and through his continuous volunteer efforts. 

To honour the legacy of PSB Wilson at Trent, the PSB Wilson Fund for Athletics & Recreation was created to ensure his philosophy of “sport for all” continues to this day.

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