This is a call to those who believe the architectural masterpiece that is Trent must be cherished, maintained and stewarded. 

Through our masterful architecture, Trent University blends form and function to create a harmonious learning environment where interdisciplinary cross-pollination sparks critical thinking around some of society’s biggest challenges. Together we can ensure that Trent’s architectural treasures provide future generations with the roots from which to challenge their own belief systems and allow their ideas to take flight and push the boundaries of knowledge. 


Leaves by Champlain


Trent during Autumn

Momentous Inspiration through Heritage

Trent’s campus holds aesthetic and intellectual allure. It is a place as unique as the great minds it houses, which stimulates the exchange of ideas, powerful discourse, and discovery through research and learning. 

The Campaign for Momentous Change will support Trent’s efforts to restore, rehabilitate, renovate, and modernize our architectural heritage for future generations.  

With your support, we can maintain the integrity of important heritage elements while meeting the future academic and administrative requirements of Trent University. 

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An image of Bata Library


Bata Library sits as the architectural focal point and intellectual heart of Trent University. The stunning Faryon Bridge connects the east and west banks in an iconic arch.

On the main campus, and in downtown Peterborough, the University boasts some of Canada’s most outstanding examples of mid-century modern design.

Thanks to a $250,000 gift from former Trent University board chair Bryan Davies and his spouse Andra Takacs, the new Bryan P. Davies Heritage Fund will be used for capital expenses to help conserve and restore the masterful works of architect Ron Thom at Trent.

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Great hall

A Place of Aesthetic as well as Intellectual Excitement

Trent is an architectural treasure, planned over an unprecedented three-year period by one of Canada’s most renowned architects, Ron Thom.

Trent was the only university of the era that was designed as a complete, collegiate institution comprised of a collection of scholarly villages situated around a central library complex. The design won several contemporary awards for its innovative style of mid-century modern architecture in a natural setting. 

With your support, we can preserve the Ron Thom legacy and ensure the continued care of our built heritage, interior design, natural, and sacred spaces.

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