Trent Lands and Nature Areas

This is a call to those who believe the places we inhabit can activate change, drive innovation and ensure a sustainable tomorrow.  

Through the Trent Lands and Nature Areas Plan, Trent envisions an inspiring, sustainable, and complete community to learn, live, innovate, and be active. This vision is bold and ambitious, and it imagines possibilities that reflect the priorities and aspirations of the University’s diverse communities. 

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Momentous Change through Trent Lands & Nature Areas

When space is infused with purpose and given meaning, it becomes place. And when communities create place, momentous change becomes possible. 

The Campaign for Momentous Change will support Trent’s efforts to transform our spaces into places of learning, community impact, and global environmental leadership under the framework of the Trent Lands and Nature Areas Plan. 

This vision is bold and ambitious. It imagines possibilities that reflect the priorities and aspirations of the University’s diverse communities.

With your support, we can ensure a sustainable, resilient campus that enhances learning, drives innovation, and puts what we teach into practice. 

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Grow Change for a Sustainable Future

Food and agriculture are the building blocks of life, and with an array of complex threats to our valuable land and water resources, change is needed now more than ever.

New small-scale farmers will need to adapt to climate change, maintain biodiversity and soil health, and deal with a host of other challenges. 

The Trent Farm is a dynamic site for innovative land-based teaching and learning. It brings together Trent’s longstanding commitment to environmental research with our emerging expertise in agroecosystem management. 

With your support, we can develop the Trent Farm as a centre for collaborative land-based research and learning, equipped with the necessary facilities and instrumentation to implement ground-breaking production methods to ensure long-term sustainable land use.

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Creating Places of Dignity and Respect for Indigenous Peoples

Momentous change happens when meaningful partnership with local First Nations communities leads to best practices around Indigenous engagement, land use planning, and learning on the land. 

Building on our 50+ year legacy of leadership in Indigenous education, Trent’s campus planning is guided by Anishinaabeg Nibwaakaawin (Wisdom) and underpinned by respectful engagement with and learning from local Michi Saagiig First Nations and Elders. 

With your support, we can amplify our legacy in creating spaces where Indigenous ceremony and cultural protocols are accessible and respected. Your investment will build new spaces such as a contemporary roundhouse, a traditional teaching lodge, and traditional medicine and food gardens. 

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