This is a call to those unafraid to change the world, challenge their own perspectives, and champion the value of humanities and social sciences.  

Trent’s Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences has been educating global change leaders for more than 50 years.  We believe that investment in the Liberal Arts instills the ability to think differently, to see things from multiple angles, and to harness our imagination and creativity to solve problems. 

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Our strength lies in the breadth of disciplines offered, our curiosity that crosses disciplinary boundaries, and our experiential and inclusive learning environment that expands knowledge, builds careers and changes lives.  

The Campaign for Momentous Change will drive research and discovery in the Liberal Arts through collaboration with local and global communities. It will support our students as advocates for social and environmental justice, equity, and reconciliation. And it will create inspiring places that will steer solutions to society’s most pressing challenges. 


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Groundbreaking Leadership in Indigenous Resurgence

Trent’s Chanie Wenjack School for Indigenous Studies equips students with the knowledge and understanding to bring Indigenous and Western knowledge systems together to tackle contemporary challenges in ethical, innovative ways.  

As the first university to create a department dedicated to Indigenous education and the first in Canada to create an Indigenous course requirement for all students, Trent is producing leaders who will drive worldwide societal change. 

With your support, we can create a hub for Indigenous scholarship, culturally appropriate spaces where Indigenous cultural teachings are accessible and respected, and opportunities to revitalize Indigenous culture and languages. 

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Redefining the Role of Business in Society

In today’s interconnected and fast-changing global economy, we need agile thinkers, innovators, communicators, and problem solvers, who can lead discovery for the organizations of tomorrow.

Trent’s School of Business understands that success is measured by progress towards positive social and environmental change.  That’s why our programs are deeply rooted in Trent’s values of Indigeneity, environmental sustainability, and social justice. 

With your support, the School of Business can continue to be a launchpad for change-leaders by strengthening our offering of real-world learning and mentorship opportunities, removing financial barriers to education, and ensuring that students have the latest technology and infrastructure at their fingertips. 


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