President Leo Groarke in officeThe world around us is changing at an unprecedented pace, and we face complex challenges that require decisive action and new ways of thinking to shape a better future for all. 

Trent’s faculty, students, and staff collaborate at the intersection of disciplines to find impactful solutions to propel society forward. They push boundaries and make game-changing discoveries in areas such as climate change, health and aging, and data sciences.  

With this campaign, we work together to ensure the people, places, and initiatives of Trent University are limitless in their abilities to reach further, think more deeply, and bring truly momentous change to our world. 

The Campaign for Momentous Change is the most ambitious and comprehensive philanthropic campaign in Trent’s history. Our goal is to raise $100 million to strengthen Trent’s immense capacity to enact change by facilitating more groundbreaking discoveries, inspiring talented individuals, and fostering a dynamic learning environment. 

As we nurture the change leaders of tomorrow, I invite you to join this moment of momentum.  

Dr. Leo Groarke
President and Vice-Chancellor
Trent University