Trent University 
Mackenzie House 
1600 West Bank Drive 
Peterborough, ON K9L 0G2 
Phone: 1-877-MYTRENT (1-877-698-7368) 
Fax: 705-748-1605 


Headshot Image of Sherry Booth

Sherry Booth '98
Associate Vice-President, Philanthropy & Alumni Engagement
705-748-1011 x7593

Headshot Image of Donna Doherty

Donna Doherty
Campaign Director

705-748-1011 x7208

Headshot Image of Lorelei Wilkinson

Lorelei Wilkinson '84
Senior Development Officer, Humanities & Social Sciences
705-748-1011 x6025

Headshot Image of Emily Vassiliadis

Emily Vassiliadis '94
Senior Development Officer, Sciences
705-748-1011 x7031

Headshot Image of Cody McMahon

Cody McMahon
Development Officer, Major Gifts
705-748-1011 x7468

Headshot Image of Beth McClelland

Beth McClelland
Development Officer, Annual Leadership Giving
705-748-1011 x6065


Christopher Armitage '02
Director, Portfolio Operations and Digital Philanthropy 
705-748-1011 x7583 

Olivia Oldfield 
Manager, Philanthropic Stewardship 
705-748-1011 x7176 

Sarah Gallen '09
Stewardship Officer, Donor and Volunteer Relations 
705-748-1011 x7073 

Hadi Farzin '21
Database Coordinator 
705-748-1011 x7117 

Shannon Byers 
Team Lead: Research & Donations 
705-748-1011 x7179 

Julie Gauthier 
Donations & Research Associate 
705-748-1011 x1601 

Anna Nason '15
Digital Engagement Coordinator 
705-748-1011 x7301 

Tanishq Bhattar '19
Digital Engagement Coordinator
705-748-1011 x6493 


Naomi Handley
Director, Alumni Engagement & Services

Ruth-Ann Dafoe
Senior Manager, Integrated Engagement (on Maternity leave until Fall 2024)
705-748-1011 x6065 

Danielle Britton 
Senior Manager, Integrated Engagement
705-748-1011 x6497 

Joanne Sokolowski 
Manager, Convocation & Alumni Relations
705-748-1011 x6162 

Babin Joy 
Alumni Engagement & Services Coordinator 
705-748-1011 x6250 

Abby Richards '18
Alumni Engagement & Services Coordinator
705-748-1011 x6399 

Elizabeth Bower-Gordon 
Communications Officer (Philanthropy and Alumni) 
705-748-1011 x7379

Meaghan Kelly '06
Administrative Assistant
705-748-1011 x7575


Julie Davis 
Vice-President, External Relations & Development 
705-748-1011 x1482 

Chhavi Chawla '16
Executive Assistant, External Relations & Development 
705-748-1011 x7246 

Alison Scholl 
Senior Manager, Community & External Relations 
705-748-1011 x6344

MK Millard '16
Community Relations Officer