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This is a call to those who believe complex problems require science, interdisciplinary thinking, and real-world experience.

At Trent, we believe that tackling today’s highly complex problems requires scientists who want to see and do things differently. Trent’s Faculty of Science is differentiated by our innovative and multidisciplinary teaching, learning and research that empowers students to explore the world beyond their area of study.

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Momentous Change in Science

The world is changing at a rapid rate and needs bold, innovative leaders who can draw from multiple science and social disciplines to address complex challenges. 

Trent’s Faculty of Science attracts individuals who value our interdisciplinary, creative, experiential, and inclusive learning environment. Students and faculty with the curiosity to explore new avenues of understanding, the courage to question their own beliefs and knowledge systems, and the desire to draw from both Indigenous and Western knowledges. 

The Campaign for Momentous Change will enable discovery in the Sciences through collaborative and interactive teaching and learning. Students will engage with real-world problems and develop innovative solutions in inspiring places with the latest technologies and tools at their fingertips.

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Tackling the World’s Leading Environmental Issue

Climate change is the leading global environmental issue of our time, and its impact permeates every aspect of life – business operations, politics and policy development, social justice movements, healthcare, law, and more.

To understand the intricate systems that drive climate change, we need collaboration, climate science experts, and innovators. We need immediate action. 

With your support, we can lead the discovery of sustainable climate solutions for a greener future through the creation of eco-preneurship opportunities and new computational and laboratory spaces that bring together academic, entrepreneurial and community collaborators.

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"My Trent experiences have positively shaped my research on brain disease. Trent’s small, close-knit community allows me to interact frequently with my supervisor and to independently develop new ideas for my cutting-edge research, which I hope one day will provide a piece to the puzzle."

William Kim
Environmental and Life Sciences Ph.D. student,
Researching in cooperation with the Harvard Medical School Department
and Massachusetts General Hospital