Trent Fund

This is a call to those who believe that real-world experience equals success, inclusive spaces create belonging, and that we rise by lifting others. 

To be able to respond swiftly and flexibly to emerging student needs, we need reliable and robust resources at hand.  The Trent Fund is our promise to providing flexible supports when and where our students need it the most.  


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The Trent Fund responds to students’ most pressing needs by assisting with emergency housing, providing financial support for the basics, offering on-campus employment and experiential learning opportunities, and elevating student wellness.

It’s an unpredictable and changing world. To ensure the success of every student we need robust financial resources that allow us to be nimble, impactful, and supportive. 

Through the Campaign for Momentous Change, we will bolster the Trent Fund – a lifeline for many students – and create more opportunities that support learning and discovery on campus and in our community. 

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The Transformational Power of MONTHLY Giving

Providing flexible funding support requires funding stability. That is why our Trent Fund Club members are so extraordinary.

Learn how you can help to create a steady and dependable base of support to allow for swift action when Trent students need help most.

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"This job has been a great first step into the workforce and I’ve gained information management experience that I wouldn’t have gotten anywhere else at this stage in my life. I’m also thankful, especially in this challenging economy, that the Trent Fund has provided a job that helps pay for my living expenses and education."

Paige Stupavsky
Student in the Biochemistry and Molecular Biology program