Leaving your Legacy at Trent University

This is a call to those who believe in the transformational power of education, in empowering the next generation, and in our infinite potential to bring about momentous change.  

Leaving a gift in your estate or through a gift of life insurance is a powerful way to leave a lasting legacy and honour the causes you value most. It’s not only about paying it back but about paying it forward.  

We know that we share the common goal of inspiring and educating students for generations to come. As the world changes around us at an unprecedented pace, your gift can provide a solid foundation from which the next generation can catapult society forward. Your personal legacy is inextricably tied to the legacy of Trent University. 

Other like minded individuals are creating their legacies at Trent. We invite you to join us and explore what your legacy at Trent can be. 

If you have included Trent University in your estate plans, please let us know so that we have the opportunity to thank you. We also want to make sure that we understand the intentions of your gift to ensure it succeeds in doing as you wish. Any information exchanged will be held in the strictest of confidence. 

Request more information here about leaving a gift to Trent in your Will. Or if you’d like to speak to someone directly, we invite you to reach out to Donna Doherty, Campaign Manager, at donnadoherty@trentu.ca or by phone at 705.748.1011 ext 7208.

Trent University Legacy Society

Trent University has established this honorary society to recognize and thank donors who have made provisions for future gifts to support education and research.

All gifts, regardless of size, will help Trent meet the challenges and opportunities of the future.

Legacy Society Founder: Thomas H.B. Symons, C.C. Founding President and Vanier Professor Emeritus

Charter Members

Recognizes the donors who originally founded the Legacy Society on October 17th, 1999 by remembering Trent University with a future gift

Stefan Bilaniuk
Cyril† and Jenny Carter
Debra Clarke
Frances H. Daunt†
Lois Davidson
John† and Marni† de Pencier
Walter and Anne Dodington
Sheila Dohoo Faure
Madeline I. Dunham†
Bruce Dyer
Doug† and Michele Fisher
Frederick and Lois Helleiner
Errol† and Audrey† Hanbidge
Susan M. Jamieson
Kim† and Kate† Krenz
Robert† and Margaret† Lightbody
Robert K. Loney
Susan M. Mackle
H. Christina MacNaughton
Gillian R. Minshall
Brendan and Janet Moher
Paul J. Moore
Bonnie M. Patterson
Robert Darou Norris Prichard
Peggy A. Pritchard and Andrew M. Kropinski
William B. Reid†
Ann Prince Stevens
John and Mayling Stubbs
Tom† and Christine Symons
Patricia Townsend
Gary Wolff
Ruth Houghton Wolff


Realized Estates

Charles Allan Ashley
Gilbert and Stewart Bagnani
Duncan and Isabel Bath
Hugh Bedford-Jones
Jalynn H. Bennett
Janet P. Bews
Vena Bews
Mary Margaret Blue
John A. Bradshaw
Thomas E. Code
Mary Cook
Jeremiah H. Coughlan
Shirley Cummings
Irene Elizabeth and Edwin William Curtin
Frances H. Daunt
Teresa Daw
John and Marni de Pencier
Mary Doolittle Deacon
Madeline I. Dunham
William Eastwood
Mary Margaret Edison
Doris E. Faris
Shirley Foster
Jean Franklin
Leslie M. Frost
Wayne Greenley and Dorothy Greenley
Frederick A. Hagar
Errol and Audrey Hanbidge
Joanne Heath-Menger
Isabel Henderson
Sonya Holliday-Rhodes
Henry Dyce Howitt
Mary C. Jenkins
W.L. (Laurie) Jones
Anne Keenleyside
Martha Kidd
Eugene Basil Kuzmin
Tawni K. Lange
Anthony Lieb
Robert and Margaret Lightbody
David L.S. Bate
Ian Logan
Maurice Charles MacDonald
Agnes Hutton MacMillan
Wallace C. MacPherson
Olive Mary C. and R. Glenn Madill
Barbara Malloch
Gilbert Monture
Hazel Mather
Phyllis Maybee
Daisy McCarrell
Eleanor McClelland-Mott
Rita Marie McCormick
Jessie E. McEwen
John G. McKeown
Jean McKerracher
Amy Milburn
Cindy Ellen Morgan
Carrie Newman
Arnold and Doris Noftall
Mary Louise Northway
Charles Omole
P.K. Page
Howard Pammett
Fern Rahmel
Eldon Ray
William B. Reid
Barbara B. Richardson
Aureen I. Richardson
Robert G. Robertson
Maude E. Robinson
Barbara E. Rooke
Marjory Seeley Rogers
Gloria Josephine Sapena
Earl Smith
Patricia H. Smith
William H. Staffen
William Thompson
Harold B. Town
Margery Warren
Shirley Weir
Norman Wells
Judith R. Wilder
David M. Woods


Patron's Circle

Recognizes donors who have remembered Trent University with a future gift of $25,000 or greater

Robert Alvo
Charles and Susanne Armitage
Heather Avery
Vickramjeet Bakshi
Steven Bark
Paul Barron
Rick and Lorraine Bennett
Michael Beswick†
John Butcher and Elaine Sullivan Butcher
Patrick Clancy
Bryan Davies and Andra Takacs
Jim and Rosemary† Dolan
Michael Doran
Frank and Jane† Dudas
John Earnshaw
Lucie Edwards and Tom Roach
Carole H. Ernest
Iris Gengembre
Carol Rae Gifford
Robert and Margaret (Edmison) Glossop
Jon and Shelagh† Grant
James B. Hamilton
Lynn Hardy
Robert and Judy Harper
Julia D. Harrison
Pamela Jane Hart
Walter Howell
David James and Lili de Grandpré
James Jury and Jacqueline Jury
Michael Edward Kidd
Armand and Denise La Barge
Colin Languedoc
Julia S. Lipinska
Ian† and Lorraine Logan
Cynthia Loveman
Raymond and Kathleen March
Tamara Massey
S.A.M. and Harvey McCue
Eugene† and Sharon McKeiver
James Middleton
Murray Miskin
Jeannette and John Hanly† Morgan
David Morton and Patricia Owens Morton
Jack and Gayle† Nelson
Janet Nelson
Monique Paquette
Larry Parkes and Louise Parkes
Krista Hutchison Scaldwell
Julie Schindeler and Dr. Benjamin Chan
Robert Seabourn
Alan and Linda Slavin
Robert A. Stairs
Mary and Gerry† Stephenson
Stephen Stohn and Linda Schuyler
Tony Storey
Tsetan† and Khando Sundup
Katie Syrett
Andrew Szonyi
H. Donald Tapscott and Ana P. Lopes
Wm. Robert and Mary E. G. Taylor
Brian Toller and Lorna Tener
Len and Phyllis Vernon
Ian Whillans
John F. Whiteside
Peter and Margot Wilhelm
Anne Wright
Dr. Alicja Zobel
Anonymous (7)



Recognizes donors who have remembered Trent University with a future gift

Emily Addison
Carole Aida
Christopher and Kasthuri Armitage
Angela Asadoorian
Shelly Baker
Alan Barber and Jennifer Tiberio
J. David Beattie
Susan Beckwith
Deborah and Michael Berrill
Alex G. Bird
John Bishop
James Blake
Sherry A. Booth
Roy T. Bowles
Martin R. Boyne
Adam and Jenifer Bradley
Laurel Bridges
Heather Brooks
Beth Brown
Julie A. Brown
Stephen E. Brown
Ian Brown
Brenda Brownlee
Alan and Catherine Brunger
Anne F. Brunner
Marilyn and David Burns
Tracey Campbell
Barry Campbell
Bruce Cater
Dan Charron
Robert Clarke
Kendra Clarke
Dan Coholan
Gina and Mark Collins
Gregory Conchelos
Leonard and Barbara Conolly
Gordon Copp
Bruce and Audrie Cossar
John Cotton
Paul and Cate Crookall
Roderick Cumming
Janice Cunning
Leah Curtis
Ray Dart and Krista English
Julie Davis
Jan de Pencier Seaborn
Bill Devitt
Jim Doran
Andrew Eamer
Leah (McInnes) Eustace
Raymond P. Fallis
Lloyd Fenemore
William Fields
Kathy and Tom Fife
Ryan Flatters
Steven and Dawn Franklin
Paul Friberg
Susan (McBride) Garlick
David Gillespie
Sue Graham Parker and Jim Parker
Marc Griffiths
Leo Groarke
Jovan Groen
Jess Grover
Adam Guzkowski
David D. Haldenby
Ann Harley
Alan Harman
Kevan and Roberta Herod
Norah Hillary
Ruth Hillman
Katharine Hooke
Grant Karcich
John Knight
An Kosurko
Lari Langford
Beth Lech†
Catherine Lees
Mary Leggett
Sheila Leonard
Nancy Lewis
Dianne Lister
Jan Lobban-Shymko
Dan Longboat
Anthony Lovink
Rod and Rhonda MacDonald
Jennifer MacIsaac
Carol MacKinnon
Eileen Madder
Ashley Mancuso
Mark and Susan McLennan
Janice Millard
Thomas Miller and Barbara Chisholm
Karen Morgan
Richard Morgan and Carolyn Jonkman
Cindy Ellen Morgan† and Roy S. Hagman
Melody Morrison
Janine Muller
David Newhouse
Gillian Nielsen
Kenneth Nimigon
Erica Nol
Michael J. Nolan and Ingrid A. (Bird) Nolan
Richard Novak and Kara Trumbley-Novak
Richard O’Donnell
Jennifer Palmer
Douglas J. Parker
Martin Parker
Michael and Cara Peterman
Thomas Phillips†
Douglas Poff
Beth Popham
Alan Prendergast
Robin Quantick and Laurie Davey-Quantick
Irene Redegeld
Wendy Reynolds
Brian Roadhouse and Betty Plewes
Sue and Brian Robinson
Sharon Saunders
Scott and Meg Seabrook
Brenda Sedgwick
K.J. Sheppard
Dane Shumak
Denis and Dawn Smith
Julian Smith and Katie Wilson-Smith
Mary Snack
Joseph K. So
Lisa L. (Wynn) Spence
Dale and Bernice Standen
Marilyn Stanford
Anne Steffler
John (Jeb) Hentig Stevens
Brenda Stewart
Christopher Stone
Professor Ian Storey
Laura Storey
Nancy Strickland
James† and Marion Swanston
Morgan and Illi-Marie Tamplin
Colin and Kerry Taylor
Robert and Anne† Taylor-Vaisey
John Thorp
Rob Tonus
Claire Van Astyne
John Wadland
Stephen Wallace
Miranda Warner-Johnstone
James Watson
Joseph Wearing
Robert J. Weese
Andrew Wernick
Jean White
Daniel Wight
Steve and Lorelei Wilkinson
Mindy G. Willett
Kristine Williams
Richard Williams
Alan Wilson
Janet Wright
Amy Fetterly Wright
Doug and Debbie Young
Amira Zekry
Anonymous (18)