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This is a call to those who believe education should incite eco-justice, action social justice, and centre Indigenous perspectives in our world. 

Our world is rapidly changing, and the art of teaching and learning is changing with it. Trent’s School of Education remains at the forefront of teacher education – nurturing educators, but most importantly learners, who are ready to create new knowledge, flourish in a technology-driven environment, and lead with compassion. 

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Momentous Change in Education

Trent’s School of Education fosters a holistic pedagogical approach that increases our understanding of ourselves, each other, and the world around us.

We believe that education benefits every facet of society and opens the doors to opportunities for momentous change.  

The Campaign for Momentous Change will inspire research and discovery in the School of Education by creating more opportunities for future teachers to learn and develop on the land and in our communities. It will support our students – the teachers of tomorrow and advocates for social and environmental justice, equity, and reconciliation. And it will create inspiring places in which to learn, collaborate and explore.

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A Space Fit for the Future

A teacher’s role extends beyond the classroom, and so should their education.

With your support, the School of Education can create a new multi-purpose gym and wet lab. A space in which teacher candidates can create, share, and apply knowledge as they help shape young minds.


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“Trent has always offered the opportunity for time and space to learn and see different perspectives and that’s one thing we’re missing out in today’s world.

Rich McPherson ‘02  
Trent alum and instructor and Knowledge Mobilization coordinator  
Trent School of Education