CLIMATE Solutions

This is a call to those who believe that developing climate solutions requires investments in new ways of thinking.

Climate change is the leading global environmental issue of our time, and its impact permeates every aspect of life – business operations, politics and policy development, social justice movements, healthcare, law, and more. To understand the intricate systems that drive climate change, we need collaboration, climate science experts, and innovators. We need immediate action.  

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Tackling the World’s Leading Environmental Issue 

Trent students, researchers, and industry partners are collaborating at the intersection of a broad range of disciplines to identify new ways to mitigate and reverse the impacts of climate change.

We provide a learning environment in which new ideas can flourish, student participation in the clean, green, low-carbon economy is supported, and students and entrepreneurs are guided in developing the skills they need to commercialize their research. 

From developing novel chemical processes that turn carbon-rich waste into activated carbon, to addressing food insecurity through sustainable agriculture practices or exploring the health of our lakes and forests – Trent is leading change towards a sustainable future in our communities – locally and across the globe. 

With your support, we can lead the discovery of sustainable climate solutions for a greener future through the creation of eco-preneurship opportunities and new computational and laboratory spaces that bring together academic, entrepreneurial and community collaborators. 

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"Climate change is one of the most significant global issues, and the next 10 years are critical to our survival as a species and to the health of our planet. We need people who understand how they can be involved in climate solutions and who have the skills, knowledge, and compassion needed for this type of work. Trent really contributes to the momentous change that we need for a more fair, just, and sustainable future."

Brianna Salmon ‘10 
Executive director of Green Communities Canada and
Trent Sustainability Studies M.A. alum

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Momentous Action Towards a Carbon-Negative Future

Since the announcement of their first-of-its-kind collaboration in March, Trent University and Karbon Brewing have been taking steps towards a carbon-negative future through education and research. 

With Karbon Brewing’s goal of becoming Canada’s first carbon-negative brewery by 2024, Karbon kicked off research this summer on carbon-zero brewing innovations with Trent Chemistry professor Dr. Andrew Vreugdenhil.   

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