Traill WOW! The College on the Hill Approaches Its 60th Birthday

We all know that Traill is such a special place, but it can be difficult to articulate exactly why. The College sits near the top of one of Peterborough’s seven famed drumlins surrounded by a supportive community where town seems to transition seamlessly into gown. Founded as a space of empowerment for women, it is now a safe place where all voices are encouraged. Over the years it has welcomed young undergraduates, mature students, graduate scholars, and their families offering them a home. 


At its essence, it is everything that a twenty-first century collegiate institution should be: inclusive, diverse, engaging, and, importantly, fun.

It is hard to believe that Traill College is almost 60 years old. It is amazing that somehow the College gets older (but, of course, we don’t).


We have put up some photos from the Archives to celebrate Traill over the years. Do they bring up any memories for you? Can you identify who are in them? Perhaps, you may have a photo, or two, that you would like to contribute? 









Images from the Trent Annual

You may have heard that a movement to refresh, renovate, and expand the College on the Hill is underway. At the heart of this vision is the need to refurbish and expand the College for the next generation of Traillites. Wallis Hall, Crawford House, Scott House, Kerr House and The Trend have all been newly renovated. Just this year, the Jalynn Bennett Amphitheatre was opened in the main courtyard offering a dynamic and empowering space for performance and community engagement. None of this could have been done without the philanthropy of those committed to the future of Traill.

Traill Today


The Traill Endowment has almost reached its $1M Goal


In 2016, the College took on the ambitious goal to raise one million dollars to help ensure that Traill will continue to be a vibrant centre of student life at Trent University for years to come. In 2019, we formed a Traill Endowment Campaign committee with Greg Piasetzki ’72 as chair. We are proud to announce that as of September 2023 over $600,000 had been raised.


How You Can Double Your Gift

To help the College get to the million-dollar mark, Greg has offered a $200,000 match gift. That means that he will personally match any contributions to the Traill College Endowment this year. If you ever wanted to support the great student supports that happen at Traill, there is no better time to give. What a great way to celebrate Traill’s birthday. What a meaningful way to offer the next generation of Traillites exciting experiences like the ones you cherished when you were at Trent.

Give Now

That is why I am asking you to consider a donation to either the Traill College Endowment or Traill College Capital Fund. A donation to the Capital Fund ensures that your favourite Traill spaces will continue to be enjoyed (and that the extra mile will be taken in the planning of new ones). On the other hand, giving to the Endowment offers an investment in new programs and activities for today’s Traillites. And, don’t forget, all donations to the Traill College Endowment will be matched dollar for dollar!  

Take a look at Traill College: Momentous Change for more details, or feel free to reach out to Traill’s principal, Dr. Michael Eamon (, to find out more about what momentous things are happening at Traill.